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It's too hot to go outside, so here's how I'm chilling inside.

We wait all year for summer...and now it's too hot to even enjoy being outside! The combination of heat + humidity makes for a sauna-like experience. No, thank you.

Instead, you can find me chilling inside with some of my favorite binge-worthy TV shows.

I realize this post sounds a bit overindulgent—as if all I do is sit around and watch TV. At the beginning of #quarantinelife, that was probably a little more true than I'd care to admit. But honestly, there's only so many loaves of banana bread I can cook (I'm on my fifth loaf), new recipes I can try, and ways I can (and want) to deep clean the house. Plus, we're still in the midst of the pandemic, so I'm trying to limit public outings. That makes sitting down and enjoying TV an easy (and safe!) pastime.

Many of my favorite cable network shows are on hiatus until their fall premieres, so I've turned to my favorite streaming services—Netflix, Amazon and Hulu—to keep me entertained this summer.

Admittedly, much of the TV I watch is lighthearted. You'll see that reflected below. For me, a great anecdote to all of the negativity in the world is tuning into feel-good programs that make me laugh and cry along with the characters.

So without further ado, below is my list of binge-worthy TV shows.

Note: This list only includes shows with more than one season. While there are some great newcomers to my lineup this year, this list is for multiple-season shows only.

Heart of Dixie

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Status: All-time favorite bingeable show

Available on: Netflix

Synopsis: City-girl Zoe Hart inherits a small-town medical practice in Alabama and ends up discovering new friends, new love and a whole new way of life.

Why I love it: This show is wholesome, funny and heartwarming. I adore Zoe Hart as a lead! Even when the whole town is against her, you can't help but root for her.


(Courtesy of Giphy)

Status: Currently bingeing

Available on: Amazon, Hulu

Synopsis: Top CIA officer Carrie Mathison always has a hunch, but can she be trusted? She's volatile and unpredictable, making her a risk to her friends, family and the agency. With the help of her mentor Saul Berenson, she sets out to prove her theories, however far-fetched, might just be true.

Why I love it: Two words—Peter. Quinn. You'll see what I mean when you watch the show. Love. him. [insert heart eyes emoji here.] Besides Peter Quinn, this show is just plain engaging. Conspiracy theories, spy games and plenty of shifts in allegiances keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat throughout each season.

BONUS: This is a great show my husband and I binge together!

Schitt's Creek

(Courtesy of Giphy)

Status: Already binged

Available on: Netflix

Synopsis: The formerly-rich Rose family finds themselves suddenly broke and living in a ramshackle motel in Schitt's Creek, a town they bought as a joke (but the only thing left to their name).

Why I love it: Even before the pandemic started and people needed a quality show to escape to, this show delivered. I'll admit that you have to get past the first few episodes for the show to really find it's footing. Once it does, you'll laugh and cry—there are some really important moments—at how the family handles the adjustment to small-town, frugal living.

New Girl

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Status: Already binged

Available on: Netflix

Synopsis: Newly single and socially-awkward Jess moves in with three bachelors who try to help teach her what little they know about life and love.

Why I love it: At under 30 minutes per episode, this show is easy to watch. You're also sure to laugh at how out of touch Jess's roommates are with love and life (even though they consider themselves experts).

Happy Endings

(Courtesy of Giphy)

Status: Already binged; currently bingeing again

Available on: Hulu

Synopsis: This modern-day comedy explores the dynamics of friendships amidst a couple's breakup.

Why I love it: This show is simply ahmahzing (you'll get the reference if you watch the show). My sister and I still frequently reference one-liners from this show. It's kind of like a modern take on Friends, but with more humor. IMHO, this show should have lasted well beyond three seasons.

What about you—what are some of your favorite bingeable shows? What are you currently watching? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below or on social media!

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