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Wellness expert Ashley Myers shares her passion for helping women achieve confidence through the discipline of wellness.

If someone asked you if you thought you were beautiful what would you say?

If you said no, you (unfortunately) wouldn’t be alone.

Dove, a company leading the charge in body positivity and confidence, found that only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful.


Often we put conditions on our beauty. We say, “Well, if I lost [insert my number here] pounds, then I’d be beautiful.” So we start the never-ending cycle of different "wellness" habits—a new workout regime, a fad diet program, etc., because these are the necessary evils to achieving real beauty and confidence. But what if we flipped the script? We if we decided we were beautiful and confident right now, regardless of where we’re at on our wellness journey?

Ashley Myers, Wellness Coach and passionate body positivity mentor for so many women, breaks down how fitness and nutrition are tools to achieve so much more than a number on the scale.

Thank you so much for sitting down with me! This is a really important topic to explore as part of Wellness Wednesday. Tell me a little bit about how you found your calling in wellness coaching.

Since I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher. It’s always been on my heart to help others feel loved and appreciated, which is what I imagined would be my strength in the classroom. After graduating from college and accepting my first job at my dream school as a teacher, I realized that this form of teaching was definitely not where God was calling me next.

That realization led me through some pretty big life struggles. I’d always been sure that I was meant to be a teacher. Little did I know at the time, teaching takes many forms.

Through this struggle, I spoke with a spiritual leader who asked me “What’s your purpose in the classroom?” This was a defining moment for me. I knew my purpose was to teach elementary students, but I felt defeated by my experience in the classroom. That was the day that I realized my experience and value as a teacher went well beyond the degree I had worked so hard for or my struggles as an elementary school teacher.

After some deep reflection and tough personal losses, I learned to lean on my faith. Through a series of what can only be described as god winks, I got connected to the F45 community and Tandem Nutrition. These connections changed my life and allowed me to find and live out my true life's purpose to teach other women to feel confident and beautiful by creating a healthy relationship with wellness.

What is it about fitness and nutrition that gives you confidence?

I’ve always been active, so focusing on my own wellness as I struggled to find my life's purpose was less about achieving physical transformation as it was about achieving mental transformation. Wellness was something I could control, so when I focused on it, I was able to combat some of the stress and anxiety associated with what I was going through. Minimizing the negative energy in my mind allowed me space to discover my true calling, which gives me so much more confidence than achieving any number on the scale ever could.

Imagine if we all lived our true life’s purpose how much happier we’d be. I feel incredibly blessed to use my passion as a teacher to reach, inspire and motivate other women on their life journey. While I often see them in the gym or through one-on-one nutrition coaching, my desire is that the confidence built through our wellness efforts will help them realize they are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to—in or out of the gym.

What else do you want women to know about achieving confidence through wellness?

None of us is perfect; we all have things about ourselves we wish we could change. But instead of seeing those things as detractors from our beauty and confidence, what if learned to accept them? I want every woman to know the number on the scale does not define her identity and self-worth. Wellness is a tool to support us on our journey to self-discovery and live out our life’s purpose, not a tool to define our physical appearance. The tools and confidence gained through fitness and nutrition are things we can use to achieve that purpose. And regardless of where you're at on your wellness journey, you're capable of doing amazing things—start with being confident in knowing that!

Ashley Myers is a coach at F45 North Fishers and a Certified Nutrition Coach for Tandem Nutrition. Her passion is helping women find confidence through the discipline of wellness. Through this confidence, her dream is that every woman knows she is capable of achieving anything—in or out of the gym.

Follow Ashley for inspiring content and more on Instagram! (Or go check out one of her butt-kicking classes at F45 North Fishers!).

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